Who are we looking for?

We are looking for young entrepreneurs who:

  1. Are nationals of Trinidad & Tobago between the ages of 18-35 (60% of all final applicants selected) and 36-45 (40% of all final applicants selected)
  2. Have a business that has been in operation for no less than 6 months but no more than 6 years.
  3. Have a legally registered, trading business in the identified three (3) key sectors of:
    1. Energy Solutions
    2. Recycling and Waste Management
    3. Agriculture and Food Processing

      *The business may offer Digital Solutions which support the identified sectors
  4. Already have a paying customer base towards which a product or service is provided
  5. Embody commitment, demonstrate drive and possess a spirit of innovation
  6. Exhibit growth potential towards achievement of the job creation, export of a product or service entry to Shell’s supply chain, export)


How will participation in the Shell LiveWIRE programme benefit me?

As part of our programme, entrepreneurs receive:

  • 4 months of Training designed to provide technical focus, develop their business and leadership skills and manage resources.
  • Access to Monthly Master Classes led by local entrepreneur icons
  • Ongoing peer to peer networking support for 11 months post programme completion
  • Access to a global community of Shell LiveWIRE alumni
  • Individualized one on one consultation with an Export Consultant
  • Peer to Peer technical advisory support through a Monthly Sector Circle
  • Financial Incentives through the award of recognition prizes upon graduation
  • Access to a community of investors through a One on One Investor Meeting
  • An opportunity to exhibit and pitch their products/services to a panel of Investors
  • Access to global competitions such as the Shell LiveWIRE Top 10 Innovators Competition

What do you mean by Energy Solutions; Recycling and Waste Management and Agriculture & Food Processing?

A breakdown of each of these key business sector areas is provided below:

Energy Solutions

Energy solutions include, but are not limited to:

  • Renewables – e.g. low-carbon and waste energy recapture
  • Digital Energy – e.g. blockchain, wireless climate control, energy sharing platforms/apps
  • Energy Efficiency – e.g. sensors and monitoring solutions
  • Smart mobility – e.g. new forms of transport
  • Energy storage and management – e.g. non-battery solutions for power storage
  • Oil and gas – e.g. to minimize environmental impact  
  • Access to Energy – e.g. off-grid solutions, solutions to intermitted energy supply

Recycling and Waste Management

Recycling and Waste Management includes, but is not limited to:

  • Recycling – e.g. re-use and/or repurposing of any consumer product (e.g. glass/plastic bottles)
  • Circular manufacturing processes (e.g. exchanging new process inputs for inputs previously classes as waste)
  • Waste Removal services
  • Waste Treatment services
  • New products developed to use previously waste process outcomes (e.g. new types of insulation from waste)
  • Circular economy services (e.g. upcycling)

Agriculture and Food Processing

Agriculture and Food Processing includes, but is not limited to:

  • Added value services to food production
  • Food processing
  • Aquacultural and horticultural processing
  • More efficient food production services
  • Products/services that reduce food miles (e.g. import substitution)
  • More efficient packaging that uses less energy to produce

Businesses which provide Digital solutions which support the identified three (3) key sectors include, but are not limited to:

  • Digital products/services that enhance/enable the key sectors
  • Products/services that enhance general business efficiency
  • Technologies with the potential to reduce/conserve the amount of energy, food or water consumed

Applying to the Programme

Does my company have to be a legally registered business in Trinidad & Tobago?

In order to be eligible for the LiveWIRE programme, your business must be a legally registered business via the Companies Registry, Registration House.

My business is a non for profit company. Can I still apply?

Only commercially trading businesses can apply to the LiveWIRE programme. We will not accept any applications from non for profit or community based organisations. Only for profit companies will be accepted into the programme.

I have a really good business idea but have not generated any sales as yet in my business, can I still apply to the programme?

To be eligible to the programme, your registered business must already have a paying customer base towards which a product or service is provided. Applications from pre-revenue stage, registered business will ONLY be accepted for businesses in the Energy Solutions sector.

I have already completed another accelerator programme; can I still apply to this one?

Persons who have participated in another accelerator programme can still apply to the LiveWIRE programme. Our selection process is designed to select for those businesses which will most benefit from the LiveWIRE programme.

I’m having problems to complete the form. Is there anyone that can help?

Yes! You can email us at livewire@ybtt.org for assistance. Please note, respondents will not be able to advise on the strength of your business or your application.

Selection and Evaluation

How many entrepreneurs will you be selecting?

We are looking for up to 22 final participants. We will focus however more on the quality and potential of the entrepreneurs and their businesses than the number of final participants to be accepted into the programme.

How is the selection process structured?

Applicants are invited to completed the application form. Successful applicants will be contacted to proceed to an interview. Feedback will be provided to unsuccessful applicants via email.