Our Selection process – how it works

Our selection process has been designed to select for the companies with the biggest growth potential. We select for entrepreneurs whose businesses belong in any of the key economic sectors and have the potential to grow through job creation, increase in profit, improved production capacity and export of a product or service. Above all, entrepreneurs must be adaptable, coachable and eager to learn.

During each phase of the application process, we will filter successful applicants, towards the final goal of being selected for the Shell LiveWIRE Programme. At the close of each phase, we typically take about a week to review and process applications.

Phase  Selection Process  Deadline Description
Phase 1 Submission of Expression of Interest Form  Sunday 17th November 2019 Applicants submit basic candidate and business information. We screen for alignment to the sectors and business operations. 
Phase 2 Submission of Detailed Application Form  Sunday 15th December 2019  Successful applicants from Phase 1 are invited to provide more information on their person and business including finances, supporting documentation and a pitch video. We screen for business growth potential and illustrated examples of your suitability to the programme.
Phase 3 Interviews  Week of January 7th 2020 Successful applicants from Phase 2, would be invited to make their pitch to a screening panel comprising Shell and Programme personnel. Candidates who are filtered out at this stage would be encouraged to apply to other YBTT entrepreneur support programmes.


What to know before applying

Our application process is designed for us to better understand you, your business and its current growth potential.

The Shell LiveWIRE programme is an intensive 8-month programme, only entrepreneurs who are committed towards sacrificing time away from their business, in order to grow their business should apply.

Here’s a quick look at the Programme’s Timeline for a better understanding of how it works:

Training Workshops and Master Classes February – June 2020
Life & Business Coaching  February – July 2020
Demo & Pitch Practice and Coaching  March – August 2020

Optional Consultancy Streams (Choose one only):

Export Readiness

Financial Audit & Advisory

Branding and Packaging

April – August 2020
Graduation September 2020
Cohort Meet Up Networking Session  November 2020

Check out our FAQs for full details.